Monday, October 31, 2011


Here are some pics that give some insight on who I am...Enjoy!

My coveted perfume tray. I'm a big "smell" person, and I always spray myself with perfume before I leave the house. Your scent leaves a lasting impression, so you've gotta make sure to smell nice!

Butterfly make up. Eye candy...literally! Absolutely gorgeous! Color shouldn't be reserved for Halloween--use 'em all year round to brighten up your look!

"Tips Not Included" --classic!

Eye Drama. To die for! I've got huge eyes, so I love to accent them as best I can. What do you think??

DIY headpiece. Sewed it myself out of black flower lace appliques. Sort of like a gothic Greecian headpiece. Looks dynamic against my blonde hair!!
Drama. 'Nuff said/
The closest I'll ever come to having a pet. Isn't he cute?! His name is Chester!

Just a bit about me. More to come! Stay turned!!

Lot's of love